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Thank you for your interest in judging the Realm Awards! Whether you're a reader, writer, or industry professional, there is a place in the Realm Awards for you. Simply answer the following questions so we can figure out the best place you'll fit.

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United States


Even if you are planning to enter the awards yourself, you are still eligible to judge. We just need to know which categories you will be entering so we don't assign you to that category!

Judging takes place over multiple rounds. Please indicate your availability to read (or listen to) 3-5 books, or the equivalent, over the following dates:


The Realm Awards are for Christian creatives that participate in the General (secular) or Christian market. While we allow books with mature content into the awards, we do not favor gratuitous content and we do not allow erotica. We realize our judges will have different levels of tolerance for thematic material. Please let us know if you are unwilling to read entries with the following content:

As a judge for the Realm Awards, your actions reflect on Realm Makers. As such, to judge for us, you must agree to the following to participate:

  • I will not divulge which categories or which books I am judging either during or after the contest.
  • If I elect to review books that I read during the contest at a retailer or on Goodreads, I will not divulge that I read or received them as part of the Realm Awards.
  • I will let the Awards committee know if there is a potential conflict with a book or category I have been assigned.
  • I will do my best to meet the deadlines assigned. If I cannot, I will inform the Awards committee at the earliest opportunity.
  • I will do my best to judge impartially.
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